Christiana Ukoli
Project Engineer


Christiana Ukoli is a Project Engineer for Pillars Development, LLC. Christiana specializes in Budget and Information Analysis; she assists the Project Executive in budget and finance oversight, project fund appropriation, accounts payable management, as well as maintaining and updating monthly and quarterly reporting documents. Her experience and versatility offer projects a diverse understanding about organization and flow of both physical and digital assets.  Christiana brings a background in industrial engineering within the manufacturing industry with extensive experience in cost savings analysis, identification and implementation. She is skilled in standardizing operational processes through creating documentation, informative diagrams, and loss/waste identification in manufacturing processes.


Christiana lived in Nashville for four years before attending University of Tennessee – Knoxville, where she earned a degree in Industrial Engineering with a minor in Business Administration. After graduating in 2011, she worked in Cincinnati, OH for three years before returning to Nashville in 2015.


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