Connell Anderson
Development Manager & Project Manager


Connell Anderson is a Development Manager & Project Manager for Pillars Development, LLC. As Development Manager, Connell cultivates relationships with the local community, connects with clients, and plans and prepares for new projects. The role of Development Manager allows him to gain a greater understanding of the front end of a project’s finances, desired timeline and other goals. As a project transitions into design and construction, he oversees the full life-cycle of a project; leveraging the knowledge gained from the early planning and predevelopment phase. Connell brings experience from industrial development, overseeing industrial warehouse projects throughout the region in Nashville and Memphis, TN as well as Louisville, KY.


Connell earned a degree in Finance from Wofford College in Spartanburg, SC. Originally from South Carolina, he lived in Asheville, NC for before relocating to Nashville in 2016.

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