Malina Springer
Community Development Planner/Manager


Malina Springer, AICP is a Community Development Planner/Manager for Pillars Development, LLC. Malina brings experience with both public and private sectors. Her primary roles have been in the community outreach, creation and implementation of development plans in city, county, and federal government levels. Her roles as the client, consultant, and administrator in the planning field allow her a unique perspective on the overall long-range planning process and the steps needed for successful implementation and eventual construction. As an AICP planner, Malina focuses on creating long-range plans with extensive and inclusive community outreach while building capacity for a diverse and inclusive environment.


Malina earned her B.A. from Dartmouth College where she studied Studio Art with a concentration in Architectural Design. She then earned her Masters in Urban Planning with a focus in Housing and Community Development from University of Louisville. She relocated to Nashville from Houston, TX in 2021.

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